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  • Note: All times are Central

6:00 AM – Early Bird Access

If you’re an early-bird, you’ll be able to start watching any of the pre-recorded conversations. If you’re not an early-bird, (me neither) you can watch them anytime you’re ready. These recordings will never expire! Whenever you’re ready to party, they’ll be there!

8:00 AM – Celebrate Jesus!

Join Heather Hart live for this Candid moment devotional about how Jesus changes everything.

10:00 AM – Un-Masquerade

Let’s celebrate who we were created to be, by peeling off the different masks we wear. These women are going to get candid about the masks they put on. This party event will be hosted by Sheila Schweiger-Rhodes and Dawn Kelley.

1:00 PM – Grace Gala

Who doesn’t need a good dose of grace? Join this candid conversation about grace with Jessica Schneider and Heather Hart.

3:00 PM – Lemonade Party!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade with Jesus! Join our lemonade party with Danika Deva and Valerie Riese.

5:00 PM – Olakino Luau

“Olakino” is the Hawaiian word for “Health” – we all have health struggles, big or small. These ladies are going to share how we can celebrate through the pain. This luau will be hosted by Valerie Riese and Heather Hart.

7:00 PM – Salvation Soiree

Jesus changes everything, so let’s celebrate our relationship with Him!

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Note: All live sessions will be recorded so you can watch later if you can’t tune in.

Pre-Recorded Sessions

Celebrating Jesus Through Fear and Anxiety by Diane Ferreira
A Candid Faith Story with Jennifer Hayes Yates
Celebrating Jesus Through Motherhood with Mari Hernandez-Tuten
Celebrating Your Identity in Christ by Dawn Kelley
Celebrating Jesus Through Mental Illness by Anne Markey
How to Live in confidence with Valerie Riese
4 simple ways to celebrate Jesus every day
A Candid Faith Story with Mariel Davenport
Unnmasking our hearts and our emotions with Jessica Schneider
Embrace Life in Every Season by Sheila Schweiger-Rhodes
Grace Based Writing by Valerie Riese
why does God allow Suffering by Diane Ferreira
Celebrating Jesus Through Breast Cancer with Valerie Riese